Walls offer a great space for expressing our personality and adding that personal touch to your home. Since no house or room is without walls, there is always a huge surface area that you can use to decorate and create themes that will brighten our living space. Wall art and designer lighting fixtures provide creative solutions whenever you are looking to redecorate or simply enhance the looks of any room.


Traditionally you would use wallpapers, painted pictures or photographs, which are a bit reserved and too common, not to mention, they may not look good in every room. By choosing designer lamps and wall hangings, however, you can just as easily add character and depth to any wall that would otherwise be plain and boring. Modern contemporary wall decors are of high quality, have vivid colors and will always inspire the imagination of everyone in the room.

Wall decorative art is available in a wide range of selection. Risenn – a home décor and designer lighting Australia online store, for example, has a collection of wall hangings including;

– Canvas prints

– Framed wall arts

– Vintage posters

In addition, these types of art pieces feature abstract paintings, iconic cities, contemporary modern arts and vintage prints among other themes. With that in mind, it is important that you know exactly what kind of art piece you want for your house and where you will display them; otherwise you can just as easily get overwhelmed when shopping and, unfortunately, ends up buying something that you will fall out of love with after a short while.

How do you make the most of wall decor arts and lighting to create a personalized theme in your home?

Firstly, you need to determine the best place to display the art piece. Choose the most visible wall in the room that will create a focal point of interest keeping in mind that the piece is the center of attraction. With a main art piece on the wall, you don’t necessarily have to hang something on every wall in the room.

Secondly, you want to consider the color of your artwork with the theme of the room. You wouldn’t want the art piece to be overshadowed by wall colors, furnishings, curtains or pillows; you want it to stand out. Therefore, you should buy an artwork with conspicuous yet complimenting colors that contribute to the overall theme of the room.

The content of the wall, decorative art also matters a lot. Art has the power to create emotions, influence perceptions and inspire an imagination. You, therefore, ought to be careful what you display on the wall, for example, it wouldn’t be appropriate to have an erotic art piece in your living or office – it will create a bad first impression. Such a piece will be perfect for the bedroom.

Lastly, perfect lighting can be overemphasized. . A dim lit wall artwork loses its impact and looks dull. However, when perfectly set, designer lights create striking effects to the wall hanging arts that makes them more appealing.

In summary, wall decorative art and lights can be used to create a unique personalized home that not only makes you comfortable and calm but also impresses your visitors and communicates your personality. Consider the tips above whenever you are out buying art for your interior décor.