Safeguarding Truth and Knowledge Forever: Impact Investing to Uphold Knowledge at the USHMM

Millennials have taken a keen interest on impact investing looking to making the world a better place. This business trend of giving back to society is likely to develop as these investors achieve more influence in today’s market. As more people recognize the social and financial advantages of impact investing, more companies will be willing to get more involved with their social responsibility. There are also a lot of investors who believe in impact investing to enrich the young minds about the lessons of history. For example, Brian Gaister & Lisa Marie Kelly are now some of the many angel investors and part of the Washington Host Committee for supporting the David and Fela Shapell Family Collections, Conservation and Research Center, now known as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum or USHMM. As part of the National Tribute Dinner Committee Brian Gaister along with the many supporters of the USHMM chose to go for impact investing by becoming associates and advocates of their vision.

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This article tackles the main vision and mission of the USHMM in safeguarding the truth and knowledge of the Holocaust forever for the benefit of the next generation.

What is the USHMM?

The power and authenticity of valuable collections assume greater urgency today due to the rise of Holocaust denial. Before fragile documents and artifacts disintegrate, Holocaust survivors David and Fela Shapell and their family took it upon themselves to build a new state-of-the-art museum for collections of evidence of the Holocaust so that the current and next generation who can bear witness to this notable past event still can. Retaining the permanence of Holocaust remembrance, research, and education is the museum’s main goal. Making critical investments to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive, the comprehensive campaign of the USHMM can be a relevant force for change with the support of investors and supporters like Brian Gaister & Lisa Marie Kelly among others.

The USHMM’s Main Mission

Confronting hate, thwarting genocide and promoting human dignity are, on a larger scale, the mission of the USHMM and their supporters like Brian Gaister & Lisa Marie Kelly, among others, for inspiring individuals globally thru their historic collections.

The comprehensive campaign of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is devoted to:

  • Gathering and Displaying Evidence of the Holocaust

The USHMM museum curators cautiously care for objects that endured the Holocaust and make these items available for public and online viewing.

  • Developing Awareness and Insight on Past Atrocities during the Holocaust

They aim to become the global leader in teaching the importance of the Holocaust thru generating new teachings and igniting awareness about the principles behind the Holocaust. Visit their webpage at Brian Gaister

  • Defying Genocide and Mass Brutality Universally

By displaying ample evidence and crucial collections, the USHMM and their supporters like Brian Gaister Baltimore angel investor among others aim to exhibit and raise awareness to avoid the risk of genocide. They aim to influence international policy to avert mass violence.

Invest with Social Impact – Support the USHMM

Corporate associates and angel investors like Brian R. Gaister and others supporting the USHMM not only offer continuous financial support, but also help improve the museum’s mission to embolden people and government leaders to confront animosity, inhibit genocide, and encourage human dignity.

The USHMM reaches millions of people each year through digital and online museum engagement, educational resources, museum displays, academic training and workshops, campus outreach programs and much more. Every year, corporate partners like those who went to the 2016 National Tribute Dinner help sustain the USHMM’s efforts to safeguard the longevity of Holocaust remembrance and its sustained significance in this constantly evolving world. More information at