Don’t let money make you stupid: Business Insights from Ryan Deiss

Who is Ryan Deiss? One might get curious and google the guy. If you’re a business owner in the US, you may have watched the famous reality TV series, Shark Tank and know Fubu founder Daymond John. Well, if you have, then you might find Ryan Deiss’s interview with Daymond John around the web. And if you do, you may get these few nuggets of wisdom about today’s digital marketing that might help you skyrocket your business to success:

You don’t really have to HAVE money to start a business

Contrary to what most aspiring business owners think, you don’t have to acquire a huge amount of money to even begin. Getting clues from the Power of Broke’s philosophy, Ryan Deiss advises start-ups who are struggling for seed funding to start small. He also provided an example of how new business owners can take advantage of the internet.

Today, with the internet being a plethora of free resources and ideas, business owners can grab the opportunity and work with the right tools without spending huge wads of cash. With these recent years’ slow seed funding market and investors’ frequent second thoughts on investing, start-up owners are having a hard time landing an investment deal.

What Mr. Deiss points out is they can learn a lot from maximising their resources starting with their social media to sail their ship. For those business owners who have probably 1,500-2,000 friends, Mr. Deiss and Mr. John stated that start-ups are really missing out by not utilizing social media, considering the number of friends they have on their accounts.

A brand without a soul is simply a logo

Through his expertise in business and digital marketing, Mr. Deiss sets a line between plain branding and branding with soul and authenticity. In the interview, he told a story about how those big businesses who previously asked “Who is Ryan Deiss?” and eventually asked for his help today on how to reach their audiences. Those huge corporations realized that today’s market is different. Before, big companies paid for TV spots and dominated the market with advertisements; but today, they had to be wiser and act smaller. As he described, the dominant market, specifically the digital market, is broken down into these small components, and to work around that, businesses had to be more authentic. They had to actually reach out and speak in familiar, conversational codes—and for that, they have hired digital marketing experts such as Ryan Deiss to help them rebrand.

Don’t let money make you stupid

In Daymond John’s book, The Power of Broke, he discussed harnessing the power of humility and the “broke” mindset. Summarizing the concept, he and Ryan Deiss discussed how acting small and genuine could help businesses resist temptations and strive through financial difficulties.

As an example, he stated that a small business owner, overwhelmed by the huge dough they earned, might get adventurous and hire more costly “experts” who can help them gain more traction. But traction is not what they always gain, but instead, more expenses and a huge demanding payroll but zero results.

With the phrase “Don’t let money make you stupid”, he stressed out the possibility of businesses to be complacent and make stupid decisions. As he shared few parts of his life, he stresses out the importance of humility. Earning huge amounts of money shouldn’t be a ticket to stagnancy and complacency.

To know more about how to optimize your business digital marketing strategies, you can read the Ryan Deiss book, the Invisible Selling Machine. You can also answer “Who is Ryan Deiss?” by reading the Ryan Deiss profile and the Ryan Deis updates on his website,