Crafting the Best Charity Marketing Strategy

The best charity marketing strategy is key to the sustainability of your charity. It will help you have greater reach and also raise more funds to finance your projects. Without great strategies for marketing and generating income for your charity, you are basically doomed. Not only will you be throwing money in poor dysfunctional strategies, but you will be faced with diminished resources and your charity will not be able to reach its goals.

Crafting the best charity marketing strategy is not easy. You have to make some difficult decisions and choices on what you will accomplish with your charity. Without a good strategy, you are equally doomed and you will be proceeding without any direction which is a recipe for failure. When developing a strategy on how to fund raise for my charity, you must begin by looking at what your charity wants to achieve. Look at your goals and the broader vision of the charity and then plan how you are going to get there. When you have a clear goal post on where the charity is headed, it is very easy to develop the best charity marketing strategy that will take you there.

Evaluate your current operating environment

When planning a charity marketing plan, you must begin by assessing the current environment in which you are operating. Look at the bigger picture such as the social, political and trend factors. You can also look at the smaller or micro issues such as finances, management and competition. Evaluate how these big and small factors are going to directly impact your charity over the coming years and how you can adapt in order to survive and achieve your charity mission.

Have clear objectives

When looking for fundraising ideas for charity or charity marketing strategy, it is important to have very clear objectives as well as S.M.A.R.T. goals that will help you in achieving your charity objectives. Clear objectives can be a target for fundraising, a revamped charity marketing plan, a better website and many others. With clear and measurable goals, it is possible to proceed logically towards your charity objectives.

Drum up your key message

A good charity marketing strategy must focus on your key charity messages. You will need to drum up these messages again and again. You need messaging that delivers the punch because so many digital users have shorter attention spans and shorter memories and you have to really differentiate yourself well in order to stand out. Check out Img Marketing

Position yourself

Even in charity marketing, just as in business marketing, you need to position and differentiate yourself. Find ways of making your charity brand as “approachable” as possible in order to get many people behind your cause.


In order to know whether your charity marketing strategy is working, measure or evaluate your impact and if possible, fine tune your charity marketing strategy. There are various metrics that you can use in evaluating your impact. Once your strategy is in place, get it rolling.

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