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SEO Elements that eCommerce Websites Must Feature

June 15, 2018 Jake 0

How does the number of daily Google searches for your niche affect your business?

If the average number of Google searches per day for your niche is high, then you must immediately take advantage of this and put your products out there. How will you do this?

You can take advantage of the number of daily Google searches for your niche with the help of SEO.

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is a Search Engine Marketing strategy that helps your website reach your customers quickly.

To properly utilise the number of daily Google searches your niche is getting, you must hire an SEO professional and tell them to apply these five SEO elements to your website:

1 – Meta Tags

Title Tags as well as Meta Descriptions, above all, are two of the most reliable varieties of Meta Tags.

Title Tags.

These are the words you usually notice at the top of any browser. Google understands this as the title of your web page, consequently, they are considered as the most beneficial form of Meta Tag.

If you desire to boil down the title for SEO purposes but also supply substantial data to the individual, the Title Tag is the guy. The Title Tag additionally aids users who launch many different tabs to detect them simply.

Meta Descriptions

These are the groups of text underneath the web page titles on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

An interesting Meta Description Tag is more likely to appeal to visitors who are fishing for results on the SERP. If your Meta Description Tag implies exactly what they are searching for, then there is a much higher probability they will check out your website.

2 – Your items’ HD pictures

If you post quality pictures of your materials and relatable keywords, there’s a better likelihood that they will show up at the top spots in any search engine. This will help in growing traffic because potential shoppers will click the image and afterward your website.

You can better optimise your items’ snapshots by means of:

  • Making sure it has a high-def quality
  • Incorporating descriptive keywords to your caption, file name, and alt image tag
  • Exposing various perspectives and dimensions of the object
  • Adding a zoom in/ zoom out feature
  • Putting in scaled-down images to propose other related product lines

3 – Backlinks

When it comes to establishing links, it has to do with quality and not the wide variety.

Backlinks contribute in telling Google who is to look for. So, you need to build a series of high-quality backlinks that lead to your website—this is known as Link Building. It’s taken into account as a truly helpful SEO tactic.

How do you develop links?

One could kick off simply by:

  • Contacting writers in your sector
  • Sending a newsworthy item pertaining to a promising organization
  • Making top quality, “shareable” material
  • Creating an aesthetically-pleasing and functional item website.

4 – Social media

Business brands that produce high-grade blog posts are very likely to be dominant among socials. Folks share on any social media website and link back now and then, hence the websites’ rankings are impacted.

Additionally, it allows you to build an online community and advertise your site’s content. If you set up a solid inhabitancy on Facebook, as an example, you can spread grow your brand’s authority.

5 – Supplementary Content (Product testimonials, blogs, ratings, etc.).

SC is very important for eCommerce websites considering that it indicates that you have more to deliver apart from your web page’s fundamental material.

Your SEO team can involve links to various other helpful content. They can even overhaul the 404 Error page and write things like “Oops, sorry about that” or URLs to other identical web pages on your website.

Note that your SC should never be distracting otherwise Google will place you low in the rankings. Get someone with an SEO expert to add an Oomph to your SC.


Indeed, these are the five essential SEO components—but not one of those will take effect if a second-rate SEO team works with them.

How many hits does Google get per day? Visit to get expert answers!

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Crafting the Best Charity Marketing Strategy

November 22, 2017 Jake 0

The best charity marketing strategy is key to the sustainability of your charity. It will help you have greater reach and also raise more funds to finance your projects. Without great strategies for marketing and generating income for your charity, you are basically doomed. Not only will you be throwing money in poor dysfunctional strategies, but you will be faced with diminished resources and your charity will not be able to reach its goals.

Crafting the best charity marketing strategy is not easy. You have to make some difficult decisions and choices on what you will accomplish with your charity. Without a good strategy, you are equally doomed and you will be proceeding without any direction which is a recipe for failure. When developing a strategy on how to fund raise for my charity, you must begin by looking at what your charity wants to achieve. Look at your goals and the broader vision of the charity and then plan how you are going to get there. When you have a clear goal post on where the charity is headed, it is very easy to develop the best charity marketing strategy that will take you there.

Evaluate your current operating environment

When planning a charity marketing plan, you must begin by assessing the current environment in which you are operating. Look at the bigger picture such as the social, political and trend factors. You can also look at the smaller or micro issues such as finances, management and competition. Evaluate how these big and small factors are going to directly impact your charity over the coming years and how you can adapt in order to survive and achieve your charity mission.

Have clear objectives

When looking for fundraising ideas for charity or charity marketing strategy, it is important to have very clear objectives as well as S.M.A.R.T. goals that will help you in achieving your charity objectives. Clear objectives can be a target for fundraising, a revamped charity marketing plan, a better website and many others. With clear and measurable goals, it is possible to proceed logically towards your charity objectives.

Drum up your key message

A good charity marketing strategy must focus on your key charity messages. You will need to drum up these messages again and again. You need messaging that delivers the punch because so many digital users have shorter attention spans and shorter memories and you have to really differentiate yourself well in order to stand out. Check out Img Marketing

Position yourself

Even in charity marketing, just as in business marketing, you need to position and differentiate yourself. Find ways of making your charity brand as “approachable” as possible in order to get many people behind your cause.


In order to know whether your charity marketing strategy is working, measure or evaluate your impact and if possible, fine tune your charity marketing strategy. There are various metrics that you can use in evaluating your impact. Once your strategy is in place, get it rolling.

You can get charity fundraising ideas along with marketing strategy tips at

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Factors to Consider In Truck Acquisition

October 25, 2017 Jake 0

Manufacturers of automobiles know what most buyers look for and strive to offer just that. Many light and medium duty truck buyers hardly consider much beyond the face value, forgetting there is more to a truck than just the physical attributes that may as well be for show. Of course purchasing a car is one’s personal choice, but the decision should be influenced by a variety of factors other than price and model. After all, a truck that is meant to do more must be of good quality.

Most trucks are acquired for business purposes. Heavy duty truck for salethat offers more than the business needs is a better idea. In fact, by the time an entrepreneur thinks of this kind of truck, there must be a number of jobs or contracts lined up which promise to bring in good income. Depending on the type of work the truck will perform, one will consider size, fuel consumption, mileage, insurance and maintenance. If the funding for the venture is a loan, a business strategy plan has to be carefully thought out because loans must be repaid at the agreed period.

Most truck buyers hardly give a second thought to a dealership which should not be the case. After identifying medium duty trucks for sale that suit intended purpose, it is imperative to visit a number of dealers to see what they offer. Depending on one’s pocket, one could consider used trucks if they cost less and are in good condition. Whether it is to be a brand new truck or used, always insist on specification sheet that will list all things the car has. This way, an individual is able to make informed decision on the type of truck to look for.

Most used trucks are reconditioned to look new and a new buyer may not know what they are getting into until the deal is complete. To be safe, a thorough knowledge of mileage and age is necessary. Most used medium duty trucksfor sale have been on the road time and again and may force one to part with much money on repairs. Before purchase therefore, it is proper to have an independent mechanic inspect it. At the same time, the rig needs to offer comfort and be in good shape.

Light and medium duty trucks purchased for business purposes mostly travel on all types of roads. This means strength of the vehicle is of utmost importance. To be safe, it would be ideal to go for a top performer which has superb handling abilities. This way, the car will not have to contend with constant wear and tear. Strong trucks do not raise safety concerns as much as other cars.

While most light and medium duty trucks use diesel, a few others use petrol. To cut on expenditure, it is ideal to go for diesel enabled engine, though of course everyone has their priority. For drivers who wish to go green, there is the option of buying a diesel engine and converting it to biodiesel. For these and other types of trucks, the following website will be helpful – .

brisbane after hours doctor

Prevent Misuse of Over the Counter Drugs by Visiting After Hours Doctors

September 22, 2017 Jake 0
New research by NPS Medicinewise demonstrates that 12 for each penny of Australians have exceeded the prescribed daily dosage of some generally utilized drugs. The research found that 6 % of individuals consuming paracetamol-codeine tablets and 9 % of those taking ibuprofen-codeine tablets have surpassed the prescribed maximum dose for a day. Surpassing the recommended day by day dosage of these medications may affect the liver, kidneys, and stomach. That is why visiting any local specialist like a Brisbane after hours doctor is recommended so you can help prevent complications that are not easily reversible. brisbane after hours doctor In prominent areas of Australia like Brisbane, individuals like to access Brisbane after hours doctor services due to various reasons. If you want to ensure your health is in tip-top shape, visiting any after hours doctor is ideal. No need to rely on over the counter drugs to relieve whatever symptoms you may have in the middle of the night. You will have professional supervision and receive the right prescription drugs for any ailment. Below are top reasons why visiting Brisbane after hours doctor is an ideal choice.
  • These services offer a direct response, and a doctor is available to handle your concerns. They can even pay you a visit if your condition is really worse and you have difficulty in mobility.
  • Most of after hours general practice doctors offer 100% bulk billing. This is an advantage if you are a Medicare or DVA member so your medical services and doctors fees will be covered.
  • A Brisbane after hours doctor may be accessible from 6 pm to 8 am and on weekends. They are also open even on public holidays. Accordingly, you don’t have to miss your work routine to obtain a physical check up even for serious medical problems as you can utilize the after-hours.
  • Even if your after-hours doctor attends your health concerns and visits your home during after hours, rest assured that they also coordinate with your attending physician. This is called co-management of your health to ensure that you receive prompt and accurate treatment and diagnosis.
  • Some privately owned businesses in Brisbane who offer extensive GP after hours benefits additionally broaden their service benefits by providing a free prescription for any emergency health situations during the night. Hence, you can depend on their solutions with no cost for a single night when you receive home treatment by a home visiting doctor after regular office hours.
After hours medical centres and clinics provide all therapeutic services available during the day. No need to stress out on the lack of qualified doctors in case anyone in your family needs emergency help. Taking advantage of after hours medical services and facilities will ensure that you and your loved ones receive proper care and pain relief. Calling after hours doctors is more convenient than going to emergency departments right away. If you ever need an emergency procedure, your after hours doctor will make necessary recommendations for you to receive prompt treatment in an emergency facility. You can easily find after hours doctor in Brisbane and surrounding area when you search online.Visit

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5 Important Points to Consider before Hiring a Software Development Agency

September 22, 2017 Jake 0

With no doubt, software development has become one of the pivotal rising fields in today’s generation, especially in areas like Leicester. Learning about its scope is required in each field of the IT sector; be it the programs, the websites, or even the versatile apps which are firmly associated with various software. That’s why regardless of the size of the business establishment, hiring a quality software development team is essential.

When you are hiring software development consultants for your work, there are various parameters you have to cover before finally sealing the deal with them. One of these parameters, such as the aspects to consider before hiring an agency, is detailed underneath:

How to find a good bespoke software development agency in Leicester:

Hire deadline-cautious agencies.

Most development and design teams like, for example, a recommended web design agency in Leicester by many, Nine Dot Media, encounter colossal pressure and tight deadlines. Consequently, before moving forward with a team, you should be certain that they would have the capacity to convey the quality work that you are seeking within the deadline that is suitable for you. You have to hire an agency who can keep up with deadlines like it’s one of their core principles. In this digital era, it may sound cliché, but speed together with quality is of most extreme importance.

Monitor expenses or compare costs.

Software development teams have their own standard charges for the work they do. And still, after all that, there are certain teams which offer services and products at a reasonable rate than the rest of the market. Nonetheless, it is always advisable that before you outsource work to a team, you have to make a comparative investigation of the other prizes around. This would enable you to get quality services without sacrificing your pocket to the gods. See more Leicester Website Design

Investigate the team/company.

Read reviews, articles, achievements, and forums. At whatever point you are hiring a team that can manage software development studio in Leicester, you have to make sure that you have led adequate research on the team’s background and are fully informed regarding the track record. So before hiring any Leicester based web design agency, you have to be confident that you’re handing over your company’s vital information to able service providers. In addition, investigating even helps you in short-listing a couple of agencies or teams and actually before you finalize and hire an agency.

Get in touch, be hands on.

Despite the fact that the software development team is a specialist in the field, you have to remind yourself that your knowledge is still invaluable and you have an important say in the entire process and designing part. Along these lines, you should be constantly in touch with the team leader and request for updates/real-time progress data from time to time. Again, you may also have to survey finer details yourself during meetings before they are implemented into the task.

An achievable strategy.

Lastly, aim for similar and realistic goals. Accordingly, if the strategies carved out ought to be productive for short-term and long-term paradigm shifts, you earn more than profit.

These are the most important points that you have to reflect on before hiring a software development agency. For more information about software development services, you can visit the likes of software developers Nine Dot Media on their website,

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Food Delivery Services: Investors’ Top Choice

September 21, 2017 Jake 0
There is a reason why seed investors fund start-up companies that cater to food delivery services. Thanks to Foodem’s CEO and founder Kash Rehman for this genius breakthrough, more and more online food delivery platforms are launched all over the world and they are always a hit. One of Foodems angel investors Brian Gaister contributed to the successful launch of its new platform called Foodem 2.0. This offers users with seamless food ordering and selling experience. The Most Competitive Sector For the past few months, food and grocery delivery are attracting venture capitalists nonstop. Almost all sectors want to have a taste of food delivery included in their services. Even Uber now offers UberEats, making the food delivery niche an increasingly crowded space. To offset its competitors, this ride-sharing concept now wants to integrate food delivery as part of its services. This is a perfect example of a company who wants to focus on solutions rather than send consumers away – along with potential earnings – because of limited available services. How to Be a Key Player However, if you plan on joining the hype and ride along with the food and grocery delivery services, you have to make sure your startup company can withstand the struggles that lie ahead. Martin Mignot, a partner at Index Ventures based in London and San Francisco, admits that there are indeed difficulties in running successful food delivery companies. He noticed that many startups failed in US, Asia, and Europe due to frustrations in dealing with the complexities of a three-sided model just to satisfy consumers, couriers and restaurants or supermarkets. Below are a few suggestions on how you can be a key player in this competitive food and delivery sector. Visit at Brian Gaister 1. Find Mentors. To ensure your start-up success, make sure to heed advice from experienced investment advisors like Brian R. Gaister to guide you in your entrepreneurial journey. Studies proved that mentorship is the key to startup success. You can visit Brian Gaister LinkedIn profile to find out more on how he can be a good mentor to your startup business. If you live in Baltimore area, you can utilise search engines to look for Brian Gaister Baltimore wide so he can help you become a seasoned entrepreneur. 2. Focus on Consumer Convenience. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and realise that you are living in an on-demand world where everything can be ordered online. Millennials are attracted to anything that provides them with ease and convenience as well as value for money. Take advantage of that need and provide them with ways on how to make their lives easier. 3. Use Criticisms to Your Advantage. People will naturally criticise something they don’t understand. Use that to your advantage to provide them with a means to try your product first before selling it to large scale consumers. This is what Foodem did when it first started, by launching a closed beta to unite small to mid-size food distributors, specialty food manufacturers and local farms directly with food buyers in order to gain feedback. Because of this, one of Foodem’s angel investors Brian Gaister believes in Foodem’s ability to solve problems on both sides of the sales equation. The integration of technology to this basic human need is reshaping the food market today. This is not surprising as millennials, which comprise more than half of the world’s population, are attracted to anything that offers ease and convenience. Just like other Foodem’s angel investors Brian Gaister also saw great potential in this particular market. For more information, visit their website at:

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Put Away the Crystal Ball When Investing: Guidelines on Investing in Stocks

September 21, 2017 Jake 0

The truth is that there simply is no magic trick that will give you all the answers for how the market will move; if that were the case each and every one of us would be a millionaire. The only way we can try to predict the market is by using our gut intuition and analyzing trends to make a well-informed prediction. When investing in stocks, you need to have in your arsenal expert help from financial mentors and financial guidance firms like Pennington Partners & Co Brian Gaister heads apart from your learned knowledge. Predicting the market is done through thorough examination and research; you watch a stock, take some notes, find out more and then hope for the best outcome. Make sure that you do investigate the stock you’re purchasing and let a financial mentor like Brian Gaister thank you for your trust and explore investing together.

pennington partners & co brian gaister

This article is a beginner’s essential guide to purchasing and dealing with stocks for investment purposes:

What a Stock really is

In the stock market world, short term means something along the lines of 1 to 2 stock trading days. Short term stock picks are those that will have a good trade potential in the very immediate future. You can be successful on the stock market by finding stocks that are showing gains and then choosing to wisely invest in them. The best of the best, when it comes to these stocks, are those that rise over 10% in a days’ time or depending on your set goals with the advice of financial guidance firms like Pennington Partners & Co Brian Gaister now heads. Even then, though, you should never guess at what to invest in. You should say thank you Brian Gaister for his expert help since you should always consult a trading expert before making any trade decision.

Which sector is your stock in?

Is it energy, technology, pharmaceutical or something else? When you’ve answered that question, your next step is to examine the other companies in that particular field to find out how they are doing. If there is a trend of interest rates, you might see that it will have an indirect effect on the price of the specific stock in question. Make sure to determine with financial experts like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners & Co the ins and outs of the specific industry you’re willing to invest in before making any permanent decisions.

You may be surprised to discover the fickle nature of stocks.

Something seemingly inconsequential, such as a speech by Paris Hilton, can affect how it behaves; you just never know. Buy a few shares and see how well it does. Determine how well you took notes and did your research by the way the stock behaves. You can start small, there are no rules governing the number of shares you can hold.

Stock Investment Guidelines

Guidelines are given to help a trader be effective in trading stocks that are likely to present an upward trend in the next few days. Most of these sites only ask for an email address and for you to sign up at their sites. Many short term traders are finding this type of information extremely useful. You will probably encounter some of these that offer totally free membership, while others may offer free trials and then ask you to pay a monthly fee to access the information they provide.

In order for short term stocks to be identified, the market outlook is figured using a formula of open trade and new trade percentages. Investors who use this kind of information can get a good and balanced look at the market, splits, strategies, tips and other valuable information.

In-depth research and extensive stock analysis by reliable financial guidance firms like Pennington Partners & Co Brian Gaister leads will help a trader acquire information about low-risk stocks that are high profit. After you have gathered enough detailed information about performance and other aspects, you can then begin to start trading effectively.

Renovations Perth

What You Need to Prepare Before Doing Any Home Renovation

September 20, 2017 Jake 0

Tackling a home renovation project can be exciting for most homeowners. Your mind may be overwhelmed with so many ideas you plan to have and your choices seem endless. That is why talking to experts in renovations Perth has today is very important. These professionals will help you determine which renovation project you should prioritise around your home.

The choice to redesign your house is something that you have to consider for quite a while. Having a financial plan is a reasonable issue. You need to ensure that you can manage the cost of renovations before you choose to tackle the project. You also want to ensure that your investment will pay off in the long run. That is why experts in Building & Renovations in Perth will advise you to focus your resources on projects that will increase the resale value of your home.

It is imperative to realize what’s in store before the real venture begins so you can plan accordingly.

Get Organized

When experts in renovations Perth has today start working in your kitchen, make sure to move items away to make way for the work needed. You can move those items to your basement if you have one, or a room that you do not plan to alter anytime soon. This way, your stuff will not get in the way of the renovators working in your kitchen.

Hire a Professional

Experts in renovations Perth has today can prove to be useful when you need to tweak your budget. They also have a proven track record to give your home a professional finish. A lot of homeowners commit a slip-up by failing to hire professional builders, thinking that it will save them on cost. However, you might end up spending more once you realise that the work is too shabby. You will not be satisfied unless experts are the ones who handle the renovations.

Enhance Security

During the renovation stage, a lot of people can have access to your home. This makes your home at risk of robbery from both the opportunists and faux renovators. Make sure to lock your front door using a programmable bolt. This way, only certified experts involved in the renovation and home improvement project can have access to the home. Once the remodel work is finished, you can reconstruct the bolt and reprogram the lock. You could likewise get a bolt you can control utilizing your cell phone to screen who is in your home and at what time.

Before starting any renovations and Home extensions in Perth, W.A, make sure you do your research. Ask recommendations from family and friends for a trusted Master Builders in Home Improvements located in Perth. Make sure to check their completed projects to have an idea of the type of work they can do. You can also talk to various builders and compare prices and services so you can get the best deal. This is one way you can guarantee that your hard earned cash is well spent when you choose builders with a proven track record. You can also visit for more details.

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Don’t let money make you stupid: Business Insights from Ryan Deiss

September 20, 2017 Jake 0

Who is Ryan Deiss? One might get curious and google the guy. If you’re a business owner in the US, you may have watched the famous reality TV series, Shark Tank and know Fubu founder Daymond John. Well, if you have, then you might find Ryan Deiss’s interview with Daymond John around the web. And if you do, you may get these few nuggets of wisdom about today’s digital marketing that might help you skyrocket your business to success:

You don’t really have to HAVE money to start a business

Contrary to what most aspiring business owners think, you don’t have to acquire a huge amount of money to even begin. Getting clues from the Power of Broke’s philosophy, Ryan Deiss advises start-ups who are struggling for seed funding to start small. He also provided an example of how new business owners can take advantage of the internet.

Today, with the internet being a plethora of free resources and ideas, business owners can grab the opportunity and work with the right tools without spending huge wads of cash. With these recent years’ slow seed funding market and investors’ frequent second thoughts on investing, start-up owners are having a hard time landing an investment deal.

What Mr. Deiss points out is they can learn a lot from maximising their resources starting with their social media to sail their ship. For those business owners who have probably 1,500-2,000 friends, Mr. Deiss and Mr. John stated that start-ups are really missing out by not utilizing social media, considering the number of friends they have on their accounts.

A brand without a soul is simply a logo

Through his expertise in business and digital marketing, Mr. Deiss sets a line between plain branding and branding with soul and authenticity. In the interview, he told a story about how those big businesses who previously asked “Who is Ryan Deiss?” and eventually asked for his help today on how to reach their audiences. Those huge corporations realized that today’s market is different. Before, big companies paid for TV spots and dominated the market with advertisements; but today, they had to be wiser and act smaller. As he described, the dominant market, specifically the digital market, is broken down into these small components, and to work around that, businesses had to be more authentic. They had to actually reach out and speak in familiar, conversational codes—and for that, they have hired digital marketing experts such as Ryan Deiss to help them rebrand.

Don’t let money make you stupid

In Daymond John’s book, The Power of Broke, he discussed harnessing the power of humility and the “broke” mindset. Summarizing the concept, he and Ryan Deiss discussed how acting small and genuine could help businesses resist temptations and strive through financial difficulties.

As an example, he stated that a small business owner, overwhelmed by the huge dough they earned, might get adventurous and hire more costly “experts” who can help them gain more traction. But traction is not what they always gain, but instead, more expenses and a huge demanding payroll but zero results.

With the phrase “Don’t let money make you stupid”, he stressed out the possibility of businesses to be complacent and make stupid decisions. As he shared few parts of his life, he stresses out the importance of humility. Earning huge amounts of money shouldn’t be a ticket to stagnancy and complacency.

To know more about how to optimize your business digital marketing strategies, you can read the Ryan Deiss book, the Invisible Selling Machine. You can also answer “Who is Ryan Deiss?” by reading the Ryan Deiss profile and the Ryan Deis updates on his website,

Startup Ideas that Attract Angel Investors

September 20, 2017 Jake 0
Your fundraising efforts for your startup business may have taken its toll. You may find it difficult to attract the right investors to provide you with your needed capital. Even angel investors may only put you on a string and yet never really commit to funding your business. There are a lot of factors that affect this dilemma. Either you have been dealing with a lot of bad angel investors or your startup business venture may not be that attractive to any of them. Sharing your dilemma to experienced experts like Brian Gaister Keirestu Forum Member, Active Angel investor is the first step you should take so you can attract the right investors. Brian Gaister Keirestu Forum Member, Active Angel First of all, your startup idea should be attractive enough to have investors flock at your feet. Angel investors like Brian Gaister Keirestu Forum Member, Active Angel investor will take a look at your business plan and determine if it is a scalable idea. They are investors who provide capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or business ownership. Even if your idea is a bit challenging, when investors see its potential, they will be the ones knocking on your doors. Below are a few startup ideas that will attract the right angel investors and help grow your startup business.
  • Programming. Programming is already in demand but if your startup business creates new applications to make life or work easier, then it would not be difficult to attract angel investors like Brian Richard Gaister to fund your startup programming idea.
  • Education. The internet has dramatically changed how teachers teach and how students learn. If you could think of more innovative ways to make students and think connect better in a virtual environment, then you will have several investors vying for your signature.
  • Food and Water. If your startup business aims to cater to agriculture, make sure to focus on how to modify food for longer shelf life. You can also think of innovative ways on how you can speed up plant growth or double the production of fruit bearing trees, then investors like Brian R. Gaister will offer to fund your business.
  • Transportation. Investors will be attracted to any startup business that will make transportation more convenient. Not everyone can afford a car or are willing to take the car to work. If you can think of ways on how to cut travel time in a highly urbanised city, investors will almost immediately put their money on your table.
  • Telecommunications. Your startup business might be Skype’s or WhatsApp’s biggest competitor. If you could provide a breakthrough in telecommunications in a simple yet efficient way, investors like Brian Gaister Keirestu Forum Member, Active Angel investor will definitely show up at your doorstep.
  • Internet Infrastructure. If you can think of a new way to prevent thieves from hacking servers, provide added internet security and offer bigger virtual spaces to store large files, then you will not have difficulty finding investors.
The above are just a few ideas that are attractive to investors. Some investors are even willing to fund your project even before you can show them your finished product. As long as your idea has some potential, investors like Brian Gaister Baltimore has today will be the ones to seek you out.

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Why Getting An Actual Check-up is Less Risky Than Simply Self-diagnosing

September 20, 2017 Jake 0

Not knowing enough in the age of information can be costly especially if you link it to your medical concerns. You don’t have to be part of the 53.5% or more of the general public that solely relies on internet sources. As this number was taken back in 2002, the numbers have risen since then with all the advancements that have occurred in the last 16 years. It isn’t about being unaware of many things now, it is more about the reliability of the sources we’re browsing through. Struggling between what you’ve read online and what you’re actually feeling can be a bad application of confirmation bias. To eliminate this, you may have to consider objective and reliable medical help as provided by what health care Alderley medical practice firms provide.

Related image

This article highlights the different advantages of relying on actual check-ups and workups from medical professionals compared when asking everything online:

Online consult versus Offline consult

The database of treatment and diagnosis is up to date

Renewed research methods accelerated by upgraded information transfer and analysis systems increase research outputs. These provide accelerated information updates that become source material for the many seminars an Alderley GP attends in. It is part of a physician’s profession to educate themselves continuously so they can deliver accurate, appropriate and effective health care to their patients. There can still be blogs out there that keep up with the times, however, they’re often scarce. If you don’t have time to source-check the sites you see online, you may save more time and money if you have yourself checked at what assessment procedures Alex hills doctors clinics provide.

Get checked directly than get it from a screen

You don’t have to waste time, energy and money when you avoid the risks associated with a misdiagnosis. It does save money to check online because you’d only spend for the internet bill or your mobile data, however, there are problems best assessed by a professional. With most Alderley medical practice centers, you can get your worries and woes away. Being in doubt isn’t comfortable. Having a trustworthy and qualified doctor check you up may just be what you need.

A disease-specific approach to holistic care

There are many classifications of disease. This is why specialties are earned accordingly beside a medical degree. Having consultants take a look at your health or your loved ones are what most Alexandra Hills doctors clinics provide. You require specialized care with the right members for the role your health demands. Here are examples of your options:

  • Family care – family counseling, vaccinations, after hours care, antenatal and post-natal mother care, child-adolescent care
  • Lifestyle – asthma management and assessment, mental health, diabetes, immunizations, travel vaccinations, quit smoking programs, sexual health and counseling
  • Medicine for various traumas, pain management, and other specific fields
  • Minor surgery
  • Chronic disease management
  • Medical requirements and assessment requisites
  • Allied health – as for other departments like a psychologist, psychiatrist, speech pathologist, dietician, audiologist and more

Your needs will be approached specifically considering your other well-being demands. You can expect quality in healthcare from what Alderley medical practice firms like SmartClinics provide their clients. Have yourself checked, ease your doubts at

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Startups, Be Better and Wiser: Reasons to Engage with Investment Advisers

September 20, 2017 Jake 0

Starting a business isn’t always full of hopes and sunshine. Most of the time, you’ll encounter disappointments which may or may not discourage you from pursuing your dream. One of the hurdles you’ll have to go through is getting venture capital. Evidently, it was surveyed in 2015 that venture capitalists and investment firms haven’t been too keen on providing funding for new companies in the US. In situations like this, hiring an investment adviser might just help you push through. Check more information at Brian Gaister Pennington Partners

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Why are investors out of reach these days?

In spite of their excitement for new tech breakthroughs, both foreign and local investors haven’t been planting seeds that much. Generally, investment firms express their disappointment because of the colder markets where public offerings are not that prevalent. Meanwhile, overwhelming tech behemoths like Facebook drown smaller start-ups that it quickly diminishes their value before they could even reach traction, pushing investors away. Add the inevitability of constantly changing investment arena to that and there you have it—a slow seed funding season. With these challenges, startup leaders have no choice but to think of smarter ways to deal with this without sacrificing their company’s principles.

How can startups be wiser in their seed funding decisions?

You may think it’s unnecessary or overboard, but hiring an investment advisor can immensely change your company’s lagging journey toward success. Investment advisors are experienced but innovative wizards on managing finances of different types of companies, whether they’re just beginning or they are already established. With their experience and adaptability, investment advisors, especially the most accomplished ones, can solve their clients’ dilemma in the most time-saving and effective way possible.

One example is the Brian Gaister Pennington Partners and Co company. The Brian Gaister Pennington Partners and Co is one of those rare epitomes of family offices that possess the compassion to help start-ups walk their baby steps but still provide an honest if not brutal advice in a good way. More specifically, with start-ups, family offices these days can help them mobilize their venture capital.

In addition, firms like the Brian Gaister Pennington Partners and Co also advises wealthy family businesses their complex financial issues and legalities. Brian Gaister Founder Pennington Partners & Co also offers a unique service which is a philanthropic consulting.

Private Investment—why you should invest in it

With today’s discouraging presence of investors, many startup leaders tend to lean on other investing options such as crowdfunding, grants, private investment, and loans. However, applying for private investment is one path new companies should definitely travel to.

Understanding private investment is one of the ways you can grab a hold of the truly wealthy individuals or families who might help your company get that coveted seed venture. Private investment is practiced by ultra-wealthy clients who invest in a company or idea that is more likely to give them profit. More private wealth is stimulated by the mushrooming of start-up companies and the visibility of private capital markets.

Start-up companies minimise elbow grease by hiring investment advisors who can constantly access wealthy families and generate deal flows from them. Access and deal flow increase chances of private investment opportunities for start-ups. If you want to hire advisors who are capable of introducing access and increasing deal flows, you may visit Brian R. Gaister SEC website, for private investment opportunities.

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Startup Pitching: How To Nail It

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Pitching is an art form, but you don’t have to be a Leonardo da Vinci to nail it. Startup pitching can be exhilarating; but with the right team or mentor such as Brian Gaister, you can Don Draper your way out of that seed round meeting and say “Brian Gaister thank you”.

It’s rare that someone gives an almost-life changing pitch that immediately closes a deal with an investor. But it doesn’t mean you can’t nail a pitch, too. Pitching takes talent, time, and planning.

There is no manifesto for all types of pitching, but in this article, there will be a short background on startup pitching and a particular set of steps on how to nail it.

Startup Pitching

A startup pitch is a presentation you need to make to get funding from investors. Your business plan is summarized in a Pitch Deck, which is usually presented in a PowerPoint or Keynote.

Startup pitches are a special kind since you’re supposed to be vying for a new, unique or even genius-like idea, not an overused, recycled concept. Investors are looking for those companies that have huge growth and profit potentials. So you really have to impress them to grab those cold hard investment funds.

Today, startup pitching methods and events are transforming nowadays. Gone are the days when you’re chained to a room and everything caves in while you’re stuttering in front of investors. Publicized pitching competitions are also taking place, like the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) hosted Beauty Pitch 2016 and the 2017 Tech Day Startup Pitching Competition held at the 21st International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG).

Winners in the last year’s Beauty Pitch expressed their gratitude to the investors including Brian Gaister, who received “Brian Gaister thank you” speeches. The startup and established companies competed with each other in separate categories. The startup category winner Sunlights Balayage, Inc. and established category winner P3 Pure said “thank you Brian Gaister” to Brian Richard Gaister Principal of Pennington Partners and Co. and other angel investors who helped make the event possible.

Meanwhile, University College Dublin (UCD) spin-out company, the Kinesis Health Technologies, won the Tech Day pitching competition against eight other startup competitors.

Go get that funding

There’s no recipe for a perfect pitch. However, expert financial advisors like Brian Gaister, who’s also an angel investor, usually teach these tricks on how to nail it and get that funding.

If you want to say “Brian Gaister thank you” after the meeting, follow these tips:

Limit the time. Brief but substantial and concise—it never gets old. Investors are busy people. Remember, you’re not the only company they’re eyeing. There will be times when they will instruct you to do your pitch in a certain amount of time. If you can cut the unnecessary fat of your script, then you can have no problems with time pressure.

Infect them with enthusiasm. Just because you’re talking about serious matters, doesn’t mean your face and aura have to show it. A smile and an alive enthusiasm will always engage anyone, no matter how grouchy they are. Step out of your boundaries if it’s needed.

Focus. Focus. Focus. As what is always stressed out, investors are very busy people. They don’t need unrelated topics to discuss if it won’t add value or depth to the discussion. Respect their time so you will come out as a considerate person.

Go for narrative. Do you know why so many people don’t believe in Climate Change but get scammed by internet gimmicks on any given day? It’s because Scientists are not Ad Men—they’re not marketing people. People may trust data, but they love, LOVE narratives. Turn your pitch into a story and engage them with honest emotion. Don’t overkill your Pitch Deck with data. That’s boring.

End it with a bang. Metaphorically blow their minds with a profound quote or a bold statement that wraps your pitch like a gift.

Again, pitching is an art because it’s persuasion. It takes talent. If you don’t have it naturally, then you can manage with the right planning and strategy advised by your financial or business advisor, such as Brian Gaister. For sure, you can close that deal and say “Brian Gaister thank you” later on, fist pumping into the air. Good luck! Visit at

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Safeguarding Truth and Knowledge Forever: Impact Investing to Uphold Knowledge at the USHMM

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Millennials have taken a keen interest on impact investing looking to making the world a better place. This business trend of giving back to society is likely to develop as these investors achieve more influence in today’s market. As more people recognize the social and financial advantages of impact investing, more companies will be willing to get more involved with their social responsibility. There are also a lot of investors who believe in impact investing to enrich the young minds about the lessons of history. For example, Brian Gaister & Lisa Marie Kelly are now some of the many angel investors and part of the Washington Host Committee for supporting the David and Fela Shapell Family Collections, Conservation and Research Center, now known as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum or USHMM. As part of the National Tribute Dinner Committee Brian Gaister along with the many supporters of the USHMM chose to go for impact investing by becoming associates and advocates of their vision.

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This article tackles the main vision and mission of the USHMM in safeguarding the truth and knowledge of the Holocaust forever for the benefit of the next generation.

What is the USHMM?

The power and authenticity of valuable collections assume greater urgency today due to the rise of Holocaust denial. Before fragile documents and artifacts disintegrate, Holocaust survivors David and Fela Shapell and their family took it upon themselves to build a new state-of-the-art museum for collections of evidence of the Holocaust so that the current and next generation who can bear witness to this notable past event still can. Retaining the permanence of Holocaust remembrance, research, and education is the museum’s main goal. Making critical investments to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive, the comprehensive campaign of the USHMM can be a relevant force for change with the support of investors and supporters like Brian Gaister & Lisa Marie Kelly among others.

The USHMM’s Main Mission

Confronting hate, thwarting genocide and promoting human dignity are, on a larger scale, the mission of the USHMM and their supporters like Brian Gaister & Lisa Marie Kelly, among others, for inspiring individuals globally thru their historic collections.

The comprehensive campaign of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is devoted to:

  • Gathering and Displaying Evidence of the Holocaust

The USHMM museum curators cautiously care for objects that endured the Holocaust and make these items available for public and online viewing.

  • Developing Awareness and Insight on Past Atrocities during the Holocaust

They aim to become the global leader in teaching the importance of the Holocaust thru generating new teachings and igniting awareness about the principles behind the Holocaust. Visit their webpage at Brian Gaister

  • Defying Genocide and Mass Brutality Universally

By displaying ample evidence and crucial collections, the USHMM and their supporters like Brian Gaister Baltimore angel investor among others aim to exhibit and raise awareness to avoid the risk of genocide. They aim to influence international policy to avert mass violence.

Invest with Social Impact – Support the USHMM

Corporate associates and angel investors like Brian R. Gaister and others supporting the USHMM not only offer continuous financial support, but also help improve the museum’s mission to embolden people and government leaders to confront animosity, inhibit genocide, and encourage human dignity.

The USHMM reaches millions of people each year through digital and online museum engagement, educational resources, museum displays, academic training and workshops, campus outreach programs and much more. Every year, corporate partners like those who went to the 2016 National Tribute Dinner help sustain the USHMM’s efforts to safeguard the longevity of Holocaust remembrance and its sustained significance in this constantly evolving world. More information at

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Common Challenges of Young Entrepreneurs

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It is normal for young entrepreneurs to face challenges when starting up a business. That is the reason why success stories in the business world are always celebrated since not everyone who attempted a business venture actually made it. Some fell to the puddle of failure along with many others. This is why mentors and financial advisors like  Brian Gaister Pennington Partners & Co co-founder are invaluable in any business setting. If you are planning to start a business, you can take note of these common business challenges so you can find a way to avoid its pitfalls. 1. Funding Problems. This is the main challenge that newbie entrepreneurs face. Unlike older business owners, you have no history of good credit and a credible network yet. With your limited resources, you have to make sure you will commit little to no error while starting out. Profit will not immediately come right away. You still have to wait around two to three years before you can see any fruit of your hard work. If you have a well-crafted business plan, your startup business will have more chances of attracting angel investors like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners & Co executive to give your company the needed financial boost. 2. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors. When you initially start a business, you have this notion that your idea is unique. However, you have to realise that your competitors also have the same mindset. To make a distinction between yourself and your competitor to keep your clients happy, think of solutions to their needs so they no longer have to visit other shops. 3. Handling Criticism. Everyone will always have something to say, be it good or bad about any business venture. It would happen more often if your startup idea is out of the box or something that has not yet been done before based on other people’s traditional mindset. Some are just jealous of your potential success that they try to bring you down with negative remarks. Make sure to let criticism slide while absorbing sound advice from the older generation. Check out their webpage at Brian Gaister 4. Finding Customers and Keeping Them Satisfied. This can be tricky. Not all customers think alike. Some may even say all the good things in front of your while criticise you heavily behind your back. You have to understand, that since you are a smaller company, you will have a harder time attracting customers in the beginning. However, when you have mentors like Brian Gaister Baltimore wide to guide your business, you can take advantage of providing competitive pricing for your products. Known brands may change more and if you provide your clients with an affordable option without sacrificing quality, you will gain loyal customers in time. 5. Age Stereotypes. Many people tag young entrepreneurs as lazy or irresponsible. The older generation grew up in the traditional form of discipline. They may look at your fresh business ideas as unprofitable unless they are angel investors like Elon Musk or Ben Ling or Brian R. Gaister. However, do not let the stereotypes get to you. No matter what feedback, always act like a professional and treat others with respect. The above are some of the few challenges of newbie entrepreneurs. Most businesses usually encounter problems during startup. To ensure that your company will emerge victorious in the business world, hire mentors like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners & Co to help you with your journey to becoming a seasoned entrepreneur.  You can visit Brian Gaister LinkedIn profile to get to know his credentials better.
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Philanthropy in Investing: Insights on Social Impact Investing

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There have been countless efforts done by concerned sectors to create the world we’d want our future generations to live in. Today, tackling the most pressing social issues are done in the most innovative ways possible – thru scaling social impact. Government agencies, big corporations, and angel investors and funding groups like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners and Big Idea CONNECTpreneur (read about their vision here – today have started to adapt and finance companies that can scale on social impact massively based on their innovative technology while generating financial returns at the same time.

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This article explores how philanthropy thru social impact investing creates an ideal world thru creating opportunities for passionate entrepreneurs:

Social Impact Investing’s Main Definition

Impact Investing was first coined in 2007 and has developed as a practice over the years with reducing the negative connotations of capitalism on the social environment as their goal in mind. Some related social impact investing as an extended effort in philanthropy.

Social impact investing is capitalizing in pioneering businesses that aim to produce particular valuable social or environmental effects apart from financial gain. Social impact investing is a subcategory of Socially Responsible Investing or SRI. Social impact investing dynamically pursues making a positive impact by investing and capitalization in pioneering non-profits that have business pitches that generally benefit their particular causes, their local community, the environment, and other noble causes.

How It Works

The Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR of a company is highlighted when it comes to social impact investing. The drive to positively serve society and the sense of duty of a business pitch is mostly being considered by angel investors and funding groups like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners and Big Idea CONNECTpreneur (read about their vision here – Visit their webpage at Brian Gaister

Big Idea CONNECTpreneur

One of the leading angel and venture capital investment groups today is CONNECTpreneur Investor Network, comprised of 20 proven investors like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners and keen on discovering pioneering investment opportunities that uphold social impact as a business goal. This informal network of investors conducts due diligence on pioneering business pitches with social impact in mind. They will be having a CONNECTpreneur Fall Forum at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda, MD this September. Watch out for more updates on their forums on their website at

What Investors Look For

Normally, these capital and investment vehicles and investors like financial service companies, web-based investment platforms, and investor networks look at the overall vision of the business. Usual goals normally associated with social impact investing is giving back to the community by serving the poor population or investing in sustainable energy-saving technology.

How Investors Actually Measure Social Impact

It is a widely acclaimed fact that social impact can benefit corporate organizations make improved choices, convey their values, and get financial yields while balancing out the social returns. However, the methodologies that investors essentially utilize to measure social impact continue to be theoretical in nature. Ivy So and Alina S. Capanyola published their study from Harvard Business School in 2015 about a systematic look at the impact measurement practices of the current leading impact investors. Through interviewing more than 20 of the leading social impact investors such as Acumen, Root Capital, and Bridges Ventures, they discovered that investors utilize social impact measurements for varied intentions in diverse parts of their own investment cycle and that they fluctuate based on the financial and social goals set. They developed 4 main phases for these specific objectives (read more on this study here – Check more information at

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Financial Stability: Learn What to Look For When Starting an Investing Venture

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Investing has become very important these days as the social security benefits of our future are unknown. People want to start investing to have a safe and insured future as they know it’s not wise to totally depend on the retirement plans and social security benefits. Many people may be saving the money over the years in a low-interest rate saving account and now they want that money to prosper with a faster pace. Another scenario is that some people may have inherited some money and they want to start investing to make the most of it. No matter what your particular financial goal is, with the help of reliable financial mentors like Brian Gaister & Pennington Partners (check their website here:, you can have a light down your path to financial success.

This article explores the significant steps and principles on investing:

But first of all, why should you even start investing?

To attain the things that you desire, like starting a new restaurant or building a new home or children’s education you have to start investing. The type of investment to be made would be determined by the financial goals you have. If you want to make a lot of wealth faster, then investing in higher risk investments makes this possible, providing large returns in a short period of time. If you don’t want to take more risks and thinking of long term investment for the sake of money after retirement, then check for safer investments that can give you good returns over a long time.

“I think I am too young to really start investing.”

How many of us think this way? It would be stupid to think like this. The only thing that should make you avoid making an investment is the lack of enough capital. Other than this nothing should bother you. Part time jobs for students, less spending for employees can always get the money for investing. Even the unemployed can jump into investment by getting a job and saving money.

Get more information

When you have the cash and are ready to start investing then there a lot of information around that tells you about the markets. Some of it is good, some of it is bad and some of it is greatly misleading. It’s simple, just open an investment account and get started. The true purpose of doing investment is to make wealth and create security. To help you with this step, it is better to trust in financial mentors like Brian Gaister & Pennington Partners ( to fill you in on the valuable information.

Consult a seasoned expert on investment

So before you begin to actually start investing it is wise to consult a financial broker. Consult someone who has great expertise in the field you have chosen. This would help you to avoid losses and more importantly avoid being discouraged. Before you actually start investing it is absolutely necessary to have the basic understanding regarding the field you would want to invest. Many brokers provide paper practice trading platforms. You can utilize reliable financial mentors like Brian Gaister & Pennington Partners (check their website here: to your own good before you start investing. It is better to think of the long term investment.

Be knowledgeable on the latest investing trends on the market

Investing requires effort and time. So after you start investing, you should always keep in touch with general trends, with which you will gain the knowledge of greater insights that help your strategies in trading.

Start investing, keep educating yourself and you will have happy trading experiences to achieve financial stability.

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Why Established Companies Should Give Back to Communities

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Last year, Bender JCC’s grand re-opening event was made possible by many sponsors, according to the Bender JCC FY 2016 Annual Report. Most of them were business leaders, including Brian Richard Gaister, who have Jewish roots. With the undying passion of donors like Sondra and Howard Bender to the community, it wouldn’t survive four generations—hence the community was named after them. Meanwhile, if you’re going to look up “Brian Gaister Bender JCC FY 2016 Annual Report” in Google, you will also see that Centennial Campaign Co-Chair and Past President Scott Cohen were also there.

Bender JCC FY 2016 Annual Report

Why are these business leaders more than happy to be included in donor lists such as the Bender JCC FY 2016 Annual Report? It’s not just showing off, as what naysayers may dub it. Charity-giving doesn’t only benefit the receivers, but also the givers, especially established companies.

Taking the Bender JCC FY 2016 Annual Report as an example, it’s an opportunity for established companies to be recognized digitally, while the event gives chance for business leaders to reach and meet other important contacts. If you’re a small business owner or a startup owner, you may benefit as well. If you’re a newcomer in business who’s looking for investors, attending charity events is one way to extend your network and to know angel investors. Visit at Brian Gaister

As an established company, why should you give back to communities?

Everyone needs to feel a sense importance and achieve satisfaction. Some will teach after having learned so much, while some raise families. As with business leaders, they may have accomplished their goals, but eventually, a feeling of giving back will soon take over them and push them to go back to their roots and help those who are in need.

To give a quick example, few Jewish business owners and magnates find their names in donor lists such as Bender JCC FY 2016 Annual Report, as a response to that feeling of giving back. They take part in significant occasions in the community to help sustain their heritage and inspire the youth. If you’re a business leader, one strategy to fill your satisfaction cup is to identify what you really care about and give back to its community. The capacity to offer back to a group who has a special place in your heart is a characteristic of a fruitful business person.

Meanwhile, there are other perks of charity-giving:

1. Boosting employee morale. It’s inspiring to be included in an organisation that promotes commendable value and policies that gravitate towards ethical principles. That feeling of being included in such community will boost employees’ morale in times of hardships and difficulties.

2. An opportunity for team-building. Not only do you cultivate values with charity-giving. This is also a chance to fill the gaps in your employees’ teamwork skills. Volunteerism is also a skill that’s related to cultivating to teamwork skills, which is best practiced during charity-giving.

3. Networking. Lastly, the most useful benefit of charity-giving is the amount of free time you get to spend on networking. When your enterprise takes trips and cooperates with local fundraising events, it’s not that difficult to introduce and market your company. In an easy way such as printing your company’s logo in t-shirts or reusable totes, you can market your company in a cheap but also environment-friendly way.

Donees have said, “Thank You Brian Gaister” to investment advisor and donor Brian Gaister according to the Bender JCC FY 2016 Annual Report. Don’t waste your time and participate in charity-giving today like Mr. Gaister and reap the benefits of your kindness.